Level Infinite, the expectation of this years Beautiful Girl Gunsoting Game The Goddess of Victory: Nikke Global CBT participants recruitment

Level Infinite announced on the 15th that it will recruit participants from the global CBT (Closed Beta Test) of the mobile girl gun shooting RPG, which is developed by shift and is scheduled to service.

The CBT, which is held simultaneously in global areas, including Korea, can be applied by completing a simple survey, such as the preferred game genre and the device used on a separate application page.

In particular, it will be able to experience more optimized builds by reflecting feedback at the time of the domestic FGT, including the G-Star 2021, and will also improve the game by reflecting the opinions and feedback of the participants who converged through this test.

In addition, with the description of the more advanced combat action, you can experience the vast story and content of ‘Nike’, so many participation in this CBT is expected.

In addition to 10 new characters full of unique characters, you can also find new contents such as interceptors that stop the enemy’s march within a certain time.

At the same time, you can experience a variety of combat environments based on difficulty through the simulation room as well as the new Rapcher Boss.

Participants selected for the CBT will be sent to the mail address entered by the mail address entered.

‘The goddess of victory: Nikke’ is a mankind who has been defeated in ‘Rapcher’ in the distant future, and he will concentrate on the technology of all mankind to face the ‘Rapcher’ and produce a weapon called ‘Nikake’. It contains the worldview.

With a three-person shooting genre with a cool blow, a delicate graphic and a character visual, the G-Star 2021 event showed the hot reaction of the visitors at the G-Star 2021 event last year.

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