LOL: The team is Six Karma dominates dragons in the Honor Division

Having a few more dates in the Honor Division we see very interesting encounters that can define some changes within the positions of the table, the duel of the horde against the green wave to define who would stay with the third position of the tournament, The games of the day made it clear that teams are those that manage to dominate the key points before finishing the tournament.

The green is better

The first game would be Zylant Gaming against Six Karma where the work of Icytower would be phenomenal in the central lane with a corki that managed to connect its skills correctly to lower the life of the rivals to red numbers on several occasions several times, the match turned on the side of the green wave who played the fights per team better to get the game in their favor.

In the second map the horde would be furious because he did not like having given a point inside the series, leaving an aphelia in the hands of Zeypher with which they managed to punish the lower lane to take the advantage they needed with which could take the life of the rivals to get an important point with which they could tie the series.

Closing the duel we see Niphu taking a gnar for the upper lane with which he would bother his rivals when putting them against the ground and using their mega shape to get an important advantage, the game was gradually A gold difference in 6k who would play without fear to be able to defeat dragons and make them fall in order to have important points in the table.

There is still dawn

For the second series we see Tomorrow Esports against Atomic in a first map that had a Kindred in the hands of Chikitow with which he managed to surprise the bombs to have an important impact within the match, the advantage in the Junglero Tomorrow’s team would make a big difference within the game to be able to mark the pattern that gave them the first point of the match.

The second map would have as the protagonist a sett in the hands of Marth with which he would stop the rivals, using his body as a shield and hitting the 2Me lane caused a lot caused a tremendous chaos with which he left his Squad with a good positioning so that in the team fights they were triumphant to get the second point for their bag and with it the victory.


Thus he closed the action of the confrontations in the Mexican League leaving a Six Karma with the third position of the table in their favor, a favorable place for them around the playoff phase, on the other hand the honor remained in Tomorrow’s teams who made the bombs fall but could no longer advance to the next stage, now there is only one series which defines the first position of the tournament.

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