Nexon Computer Museum, ‘Maple Story’ large character balloon exhibition



-In operation from today (5th) to August 31st, summer vacation season event

** -‘Pink Bean’, ‘Yeti’, ‘Stone Spirit’, etc.

-In progress of the goods for visitors

Nexon said today (5) that the Nexon Computer Museum will hold the ‘Maple Story N Museum’ Art Balloon for the summer vacation season.

In this exhibition, which will be held from today (5th) to August 31st, three large balloons of popular characters such as ‘Maple Story’ representative mascot ‘Pink Bean’, ‘Yeti’ and ‘The Spirit of Stone’ are installed throughout the museum. do.

In addition, the Nexon Computer Museum’s lawns and entrances have been prepared to allow visitors to leave memories.

A gift presentation event will also be held. If you take a picture of the Maple Story and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag, or complete the daily quest provided by the museum, you will receive the Maple Story Summer Goods.

Choi Yun-ah, director of Nexon Computer Museum, said, We have prepared a unique exhibition outdoors in the museum in the summer of Jeju. I hope you enjoy a vacation with the characters from the world outside the game.

Meanwhile, the Nexon Computer Museum operates as a pre-booking system to create a pleasant viewing environment. Reservations for visit are available at the Nexon Computer Museum official website .

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