Tie Kim Yong Martial Arts Tencent, Unreal 5 Open World New

Kim Yong is considered to be the best martial arts novel writer with his work and popularity such as Shinjo Cooperation and Uicheon Doyonggi. His novel world unfolds with the open world with Unreal Engine 5.

Tencent unveiled ‘CODE: To Jin Yong’ through the Tencent Game Conference ‘Spark2022’ held on the 27th. As the name of Kim Yong-yong, written in the project name, the game is based on Kim Yong’s martial arts novel. In particular, Tencent announced that he would fully transfer the world of martial arts in his novels, from the official production copyright and Kim Yong’s first martial arts novel in 1955, to the Nokjeonggi, which was written in 1972.

The characters who appeared in various works such as the sheep of the creed, the Kwak Jung in the Sajo Heroes, the Sobong of the Cheonryong Palbu, and the Young Ho-chung of the Sogangho, will be reorganized as a character in the game. The developers analyzed and adapted the images of the characters, including the original novels, as well as classic movies and TV series. He also announced a plan to realistically implement it through Unreal Engine 5.

The developers have tried to implement the connectivity between the character’s movements and rhythms, the main posture, and the connection between attacks and movements from the beginning of the development to fully utilize the high graphic production technology of Unreal Engine 5. In addition, the visual splendor focused on the impact effect on conveying the sense that the player is fighting directly with the interaction between the character and the object and the physical engine.

The ginkgo leaves, which can be found in the video, are scattered on the screen and enhance the spleen of martial arts action. The natural environment such as vegetation and fallen leaves is expressed as dynamically as possible in line with the genre of martial arts, and the background that is drawn behind is also more realistic. Based on information such as terrain, climate, ecology, history and major scenic spots, the geographical environment of the original will be created in the game. The technology of implementing the actual regions through photogrammetry has also been applied to more realistic.

Developer Light Speed Studio Group recently heralded gameplay without a new vision and a place without a genre and a place. ‘Code: to Jin Yong’ is also expected to be a global service. However, the exact release date, the official name of the game, and the release date were not disclosed.


Kim Yong is a journalist in Hong Kong and has left a big footsteps in the martial arts system. In 1955, the works of the Seogum were made through Kim Yong, which was reinterpreted in various media such as Sajo Heroes, Shinjo Cooperation, Uicheon Doyonggi, Cheonryong Palbu, Sozo Kang Ho, and Nokjeonggi.

Meanwhile, Light Speed Studio has developed original IP-based games such as Battleground Mobile and Apex Legend Mobile with Craepon and EA, respectively, and offers more than 50 PCs and mobile games.

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