Sega: 12 more ready the Mega Drive Mini 2 exposed

At the beginning of June, Sega announced a Mega Drive Mini 2 that will be launched in October this year with 50 games.
The adhering to games have actually currently been revealed with a trailer for the little box, which will include games from the Sega CD era, game ports and also a mysterious new game:
* After Heater II
* Columns III: Vengeance of Columns
* Megapanel
* Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
* Out run
* Problem & Activity: Ichidant-R
* Splatterhouse 2
* Celebrity Mobile
* Night Demonstrator
* The Ninja Warriors
* Starblade
These video games were currently understood:
* Gold mine Bros.
* Fantasy Area (Gallery Port).
* Wonderful Tarurūto-Kun.
* Manor of Hidden Spirits.
* Popful Mail.
* Radiating Force CD.
* Beaming in the Darkness.
* Silpheed.
* Sonic CD.

  • Thunder Pressure IV.

* Virtua racing.
The discussion of the other video games in the video:.

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