Ludwigsburg gets Edigin from Hamburg

Ludwigsburg is recognized in the organization for his unpleasant way of having fun. I want to aid the group and commemorate several success with each other with the followers, the newbie is priced quote at the Ludwigsburg club internet site.

At first Edigin started football, however he rapidly discovered his enthusiasm for basketball. He landed in Bamberg through Regensburg, Munich as well as Nördlingen, where he established himself in the Pro a in the associated Baunacher Farmteam. After 2 years at the basketball record champ Bayer Giants Leverkusen (2019-2021) as well as the runner-up champion won there, the 2.01-meter center risked to make the leap right into the German Oberhaus as well as the Hamburg Towers. Currently a new phase is starting with the giants.

The 26-year-old center comes from the league competitor Hamburg Towers and also receives a one-year contract with the titans. The edigin, who grew up in Regensburg, played a good very first season in the BBL in Hamburg. With his physique and strength, he can defensively define the tone around the basket and will bring us power across the whole area on the offensive, claimed the new Ludwigsburg trainer Josh King over the 2.01 meter brand-new addition.

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