All CLUE answers for Steam Steam Sale 2022

A new interactive game is available right now on Steam for players. This is the annual Valve tradition to release an interactive game for the Steam summer sale. The Steam Steam Steas of 2022 includes a set of riddles, an answer to each of which is a fake name of the game that exists in the Steam store. Participation in the game will hold players throughout the Steam library, helping them open new excellent discounts on certain games.

All Clue answers for Steam 2022

After the adoption of the Office of the Steam 2022 summer sales, a mysterious character named Clortax will appear, who will send players to the quest Summer Sale of Clortax. The quest is a series of riddles, all the answers to which are fake games that Clortax scattered all over Steam. Participants need to find a fake game in the store to solve the riddle.


Riddle : You will find wealth in rhythm and glory in six strings / But beware of the tax burden that brings the excellence of the ax.

Game: guitar billionaire

clip is the second

Riddle: You settled the city and took the roots / But now you can resolve minor legal disputes?

Game: Small law law Custard Castle


Hint Three

Riddle: Sport is a corner / bait-this charm / success is a disease / and you are a medicine

Game: bass does not bite 2022

clip four

Riddle: Maybe you managed to close your competitors / Your profitable theme park is still dead upon arrival

Game: Zoo of dead gulls magnate

hint five

Riddle: The monstrous need for the knowledge to correct you / will give you and your friends a lot of objections

Game: Actually… Monster Edition Frankenstein

hint six

Riddle: No action or choice. This passive adventure prefers you to wait.

Game: This is probably normal

Hint seven

Riddle: Your role in this kingdom / direct your king is true / sit on his throne / or, perhaps, for two

Game: Help the king get to the toilet

Hint eight

Riddle: Horror horror, pretentious researchers / This is the father of all artistic rates

Game: dedication to Estme

Hint nine

Riddle: On this virtual river, a full boat / two princes are transported, who are rowing with three small shovels.

Game: Professional poker lover

key ten

Riddle: If your strategy is to keep me nearby, I will make you think. If your strategy is to let me go, I will raise the stench.

Game: Hold on in your bunches

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