A mechanical mechanical war maidens death fighting soul -like Steel Rising approaches the content! [Happinet Game Festival! ]

A genre soul-like that brings an experience to open up a difficult world at high difficulty. Steel Rising is a title that challenges a harsh battle as a mechanical doll Aigis in France in the 18th century.

Since this work was able to test at Happinet Game Festival! ~ 2022 Summer Camp-in Versal Akihabara, let me introduce what kind of touch of this work that shows a unique worldview in Seoul Like in recent years.

Mary Antoinette ordered and battle of mechanical dolls

The main character Aigis is ordered by Marie Antoinette and aims to fight with a mechanical corps, which is under Louis XVI. In this trial, what kind of death was like that, a rough battle with other machine dolls could be checked.

Basically an orthodox soul-like format. Each time you take action such as attacks and avoidance, stamina gauge is consumed, and it is the same as fighting while keeping the risk of moving when the gauge is gone.

However, in Steel Rising, even if the stamina gauge is expired, it is possible to recover ** with the cooling function. In soul-like, because of the restrictions on stamina, there is a legal point for dark-free attacks and avoidance, but this function can increase the number of actions a little more.

Aigis is not a living thing, but a machine doll, so if you match the world view in the work, you will be overheated rather than stamina, so it will cool down. In that sense, it seemed to be a mechanism that combined the world view and the game system with machine dolls.

If there is such an increase in action by cooling function, will it be a slightly easier soul-like? I thought, but the actual place is tough. Fighting one enemy’s machine doll is difficult to damage, and when you stand up to two, it is a level where death is already determined. Even though it is a trial play, it is a result of repeating the game over easily.

Compared to the test play of THYMESIA released the other day, there was even an impression that the rigor was one step differently. However, when I played a little more, I could see the unique breakthrough of Steel Rising. Variation of various weapons .

In this trial, Aigis has a gun that freezes the opponent from a long distance in addition to the melee weapons. Aigis shoots a bullet in a pose like a gun (for some reason). It was a balance that could manage to destroy a ski that frozen the enemy by freezing the enemy and could not move.

The lack of forgiveness of the boss battle, which is a huge machine doll, does not change. It is difficult to die due to a moment of mistake, and from a long-range battle that fights with a freezer gun, we will fight in a frozen proximity attack.

The freezing gun is powerful, but of course it was not infinite, but the number of bullets was limited. Did you notice such a thing after reducing the boss’s physical strength by half? With the end, he managed to destroy the enemy’s attack. After all, the impression of a harsh world view and a game with difficulty remained.

Soul-like is a genre that players open up a tough dark world. This work was built in Paris in the 18th century to open up an eerie era of mechanical dolls.

Steel Rising will be released worldwide on September 8, 2022 at PS5 / Xbox Seriesx | S / PC. The PS5 version in Japan is developed from 3 goo. The specific schedule seems to be announced in the future.

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