World Association is proceeding at Hoppieren Formula-1

In a sport in which the participants consistently drive at rates of over 300 km/h, it is thought that the entire concentration of a motorist need to be focused on this task, said the message. Too much fatigue or discomfort in a chauffeur can have considerable consequences. Furthermore, the FIA has concerns regarding the instant physical results on the health of the chauffeurs, some of which had lately reported neck and back pain.

The groups should currently make the necessary modifications. In addition to short-term technical steps on the automobiles, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile) will additionally call a meeting with the teams to specify additional steps that guarantee that the problems can no longer take place completely.

Hamilton torments itself out of the vehicle

Most importantly, the seven-time globe champion Lewis Hamilton endured. TV images showed the 37-year-old soon after the end of the race last Sunday in Baku, as he obviously struggled out of his cars and truck with wonderful effort. He had bitten his teeth because of the head as well as pain in the back and made it to the surface thanks to the adrenaline.

A variety of other pilots additionally reported comparable experiences. The technical problem arises from the vehicles that are substantially transformed for this season. At high speed, the cars and trucks are pressed onto the floor on the straight line up until they touch the asphalt briefly and also therefore press them up once again. The motorists are always shaken violently.

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He had bitten his teeth because of the head and also back discomfort and made it to the coating thanks to the adrenaline.


The groups should now make the needed changes. In enhancement to short-term technological actions on the autos, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile) will additionally call a conference with the teams to define more steps that ensure that the problems can no much longer happen permanently.

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