Diablo Immortal PC version set the anti-record-0.2 points on Metacritic

So, the online-Arpg Diablo Immortal from Blizzard and Netease was able to not only get around Warcraft III: Reforged on Metacritic from 0.5 points obtained by IOS, but also punch the bottom, which was hithelly impregnated for the aggregator.

The version of the role action for a PC users received only 0.2 points. PC-Boyar turned out to be more demanding than mobile gamers, although both criticized the novelty for the binding of the gameplay to invest real means. In addition, chitlers instantly attacked a pocket sanctuary.

And on the third day, Diablo Immortal Chiters were filled, which are bending in PVP

Dissatisfaction, serious problems and modest fees did not prevent Blizzard from reporting on the most successful start in the history of the franchise in terms of downloads. Which was quite obvious, because we are talking about the first conditionally deposited game in the Diablo series, for which it had previously had to be paid.

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