Special start law for Ukrainians in 2nd handball

The Bundesliga boss strongly turned down the criticism of the shocking admission of Saporoschje from the coming period. This point is actually an act of humanity, the HBL managing supervisor informed the SID on Thursday and made it clear: We desire to set an indicator of peace and handball players Give the possibility to continue to function.

At the very same time, the team, which is just a few kilometers from the front line, desired to shield from Russian rockets. Saporoschje is under the shelling of the Russian military. We can not only secure professions here, but additionally lives.

Some speak of a beautiful gesture of solidarity, others call it weird, mischief or just crazy: the responses have a challenging one, the special start law for the Ukrainian serial champion HK Motor Saporoschje in the second Bundesliga Does not simply create heated discussions in the handball scene.


Home video games increase in Düsseldorf-Gladun is amazed

The period in the German reduced residence starts in very early September. After separated guest efficiencies and also training remains of the electric motor players, from which the Ukrainian nationwide handball team is made up, the full-seasonal uniformity task is currently sustained by the support of the 19 clubs of the 2nd HBL, according to a news release.

The HBL plan states that the Ukrainian leading team will certainly participate in the coming period as the 20th team-outside of the showing off score at the second department. Düsseldorf guarantees the accommodation of the group and also their families. His residence video games will certainly finish Saporoschje, who wishes to get the essential video game practice for the Champions League with German league procedures, in the Castello in Düsseldorf over 3000 viewers.

As a result of the war of aggressure in Russia, the video game in Ukraine is currently relaxing as well as Bohmann does not anticipate a rapid modification in the valid situation. It seems left out that a competitors in Ukraine will certainly be started in the coming year, stated the organization manager: However it stays that it is a short-lived solution. We don’t think any more.

Gladun, on the various other hand, is a a bit stunned that we have not yet had actually any written verifications. I have not yet seen a paper, not about the club’s purpose. Not concerning any sessions. As well as likewise no written evidence from the handball Bundesliga. Bohmann responds that there is a decision by the club’s clubs. You could define it once again at our basic conference in summer. In our view, it is ding celebration. Saporoschje will complete in the 2nd Bundesliga in season 22/23..

Basically there are 2 web pages that you have to take into consideration on the topic, stated Sascha Gladun, former Bundesliga expert and existing general secretary of the Ukrainian handball organization, the SID. Saporoschje will contend in the 2nd Bundesliga in period 22/23..

The Bundesliga boss vigorously turned down the objection of the unusual admission of Saporoschje from the coming season. The HBL plan stipulates that the Ukrainian top team will take component in the coming season as the 20th team-outside of the sporting ranking at the Second division. His house video games will certainly finish Saporoschje, who desires to get the necessary game technique for the Champions Organization through German organization operations, in the Castello in Düsseldorf over 3000 viewers.

From the Ukrainian side there is likewise criticism of the fast cobbled plan. Generally there are two pages that you need to take into consideration on the subject, said Sascha Gladun, previous Bundesliga professional as well as current general secretary of the Ukrainian handball association, the SID. Flashy, socially and also human is naturally a massive story that players and also families are in safety and also that the group can play in the strongest 2nd league on the planet, stated Gladun. If you obtain the eco-friendly light for the resumption of the Ukrainian league, then we also begin. And after that the inquiry is: what concerning Saporoschje?

from Bohmann perspective Dingfest.

Gladun believes that the thorough planning of the coming days as well as weeks need to not end up being so simple: The issue is really made complex..

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