Bundesliga: Var employer Jochen Drees sees video clip evidence as a version of success

Video evidence project manager Jochen Drees from the German Football Association continues to consider the video clip aide to be “a success design”

Bundesliga Fashion.flv

The former Bundesliga referee stated in a meeting by the “twist”

For instance, Marco Bode, former managerial board head of Werder Bremen as well as previous national player, recommended that 3 video aides, in enhancement,, in each instance, to be made use of in his own cabin. Just if all three-teeth placed any kind of impact on a switch for a “outright incorrect” choice would it be lifted.

After a great deal of criticism not just in current months of private decisions, Drees has also been open to changes.

“The idea that numerous people must agree with routine training is absolutely smart, that would absolutely enhance acceptance as well as result in also fewer interventions of the VAR,” stated Drees to the idea: “The proficiency as well as high quality of the decisions would certainly almost be total are moved to the umpire in the field. Rather, we have to get there once more, so we concur. “.

“We have actually over 100 dealt with incorrect choices in the past Bundesliga period. As well as if you take a closer check out it: there disappear offside objectives, say goodbye to swallows, say goodbye to assault,” said the 52-year-old Drees as well as added: “So it is in fact only possible Just for the question: penalty of course or no? “.

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