BVB larger than 1. FC Köln? Steffen Baumgart lets you open

Steffen Baumgart led 1. FC Köln directly into the European Cup in the first season in the cathedral city. It is clear that the head coach in the Rhineland has long been celebrated as a salvation. Because of this, the 50-year-old warns of a “very high fall”.

“What went well this year will not be enough next year. Everything is developing-so there will be things that we have to change,” said Baumgart in an interview with the “clubs Bild”.

The FC coach explained: “It doesn’t work that you can take new players every season without renewing yourself. Maybe my speeches have to be different, maybe they have to be quieter. Maybe they may have to be kept by others.”

In the past Bundesliga season, 1. FC Köln landed in seventh place and thus ranked in front of much more financial clubs such as TSG Hoffenheim or VfL Wolfsburg.

“Tradition is not the same. You have to work out. I have the feeling that these clubs have learned a lot, not be guided by emotions-but work with calm, objectivity and clarity,” explained Baumgart.

“I don’t necessarily see Dortmund bigger than us at 1. FC Köln”

At the same time, the trainer of 1. FC Köln club like Bayer Leverkusen or RB Leipzig defended. Baumgart thinks “that these clubs have a justification to be in the Bundesliga because they do a good job.”

“Also: What about Dortmund? Borussia is a stock corporation, nobody discusses that,” added the Rostock native.

Baumgart also explained his statement that there would be only three larger clubs in Germany than 1. FC Köln: FC Bayern, FC Schalke 04 and BVB.

“That referred to the number of members,” explained Baumgart: “But I don’t necessarily see Dortmund greater than us at 1. FC Köln. Okay, they have been more successful in the past. But that has to do with financial means that they have developed. “

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“Such successes” are also possible in Cologne. “But you have to work out. When Jürgen Klopp went to BVB in 2008, Dortmund was Table-13. And three years later became German champion. Or: Domenico Tedesco led Schalke 2018 to the Vice Championship? Must have visions, believe in it and work hard, “said Baumgart.

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