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Adventureless adventure

It all starts around the village again Nevaeh, a devastated place. We embody CJ, a kid who dreams of becoming “excavator of treasures” and who, for this purpose, is looking for one of the most beautiful treasures: a runic lens. This mysterious object would contain powers and it is in pursuit of this legend that she meets Garoo, a kind of mercenary kangaroo, then Isha, the mayor of the village, young woman with blue hair who seems to be greedy for richness that is interested in exploring caves. It is to the latter that CJ must request authorization to explore the career and the caves which surround new Nevaeh, an authorization which it obtains in exchange for services to the population: the city being devastated, Isha benefits from the Adventurer full of passion to help the reconstruction effort. The story takes a long time to get started, we are not going to hide, and does a lot of mysteries for ten hours before concluding over the next five hours. Between nascent war, past of which we know nothing and magic powers that we have difficulty explaining, we feel that the game plants the seeds of what will be Eiyuden Chronicle: Hunged Heroes next year. Difficult, however, for the moment to know what the links with this title will be, because for the moment, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising has all the sorrows of the world to arouse interest in its narration. The fault certainly with a boat writing which lacks personality (not well helped either by the French translation with sometimes doubtful syntax) and which, consequently, struggles to give a personality to his heroes. Admittedly, CJ, Garoo and Isha are rather friendly and have the merit of having very soaked characters, but there is such a lack of alchemy between them and such an inability to arouse empathy for their stories that the We quickly forgot them. However, at the very end of the game, in the last two or three hours, some revelations on the characters give them a certain thickness, but it happens far too late and does not defeat their unidimensional side felt throughout the game. We feel Even if the game also tries to play on the ground of derision, with a narration which swings quite desperately great sleeve effects to insist on the comic of certain situations, but it often falls flat.

Eiyuden Chronicle - Rising: Der Action-Prolog zu Hundred Heroes im Test (Review, German)
As for the reconstruction of the village promised by the game, it is actually limited to spinning a helping hand to the inhabitants in order to glean stamps on a notebook (offering new things each time we finish a notebook). This aid to the inhabitants becomes however and in spite of it the tare of the game. Indeed, if the title is inspired by the metroidvania, it practically only recovers the bad side, that is to say the round trips. The main quest is essentially based on the exploration of dungeons, but these suffer from both a low-inspired, often flat and without too many branching that could make exploration more sympathetic, as well as the Obligation to multiply the comings and goings in rooms that we end up knowing by heart. The fault of a chopped progression which always requires returning to the city to recover new objects, made with the means of materials gleaned along the way, to unlock new passages. Admittedly, this is the very essence of the exploration of metroidvania, but the game lacks diversity in obtaining objects that allow us to move forward: these are always by means of a manufacture to be carried out in town With materials, they are never found in the dungeons, any more than they are dropped by the bosses. Unsurprisingly, this exploration is bland and clearly does not pay tribute to a game which, however, manages to capture interest thanks to a catchy visual universe. Not uninteresting with its 2.5D, the game offers characters in pixel art whose sprites blend wonderfully well in a colorful and charming artistic direction. The entertainment lacks details, however, being quite far from the quality of the animations observed in the various trailers of Hunged Heroes, while the music is next to the plate: ultra-repetitive and never interesting in the most important moments of the ‘History, she ends up boring.

Beware of indigestion

If it takes between fifteen and twenty hours to finish the game and its secondary quests, it must be said that after the first two hours, the game has practically nothing to offer. The gameplay loop is exhausted extremely quickly for two reasons, fights and quests. First the combat system, which has good intentions: each of the three characters is assigned to a touch of the controller (on PS5 : square for CJ, triangle for Garoo and Round for Isha), allowing to realize Combos by mixing their interventions. A rather effective and pleasant system to play, especially since the sound effects of the fighting does not lack energy, which gives rise to combos frankly pleasant to launch to get rid of a painful enemy. This also encourages to use the characteristics specific to each character, since CJ is agile and fast, Garoo is slow, but balances big blows, while Isha is a magician who attacks from afar. However, everyone can attack with magic elements depending on the runes that are equipped. Unfortunately, the combat system quickly finds its limits in the sense that the combos are counted on the fingers of one hand and that we see the turn as soon as you get the third characters. The bestiary could possibly have revived interest, but there too, it is very offset and only pushes the same attacks tirelessly, regardless of the enemy facing us.

And then, the other problem of the gameplay loop of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is its quests. Whether it is the main story or secondary quests, the game mainly revolves around obtaining manufacturing materials. In the case of secondary quests, of which we count more than a hundred, we are asked to help the inhabitants to rebuild the village, so this leads to new round trips in dungeons already explored to obtain materials (by cutting Trees, destroying rocks or killing enemies) and building new stores, in order to be able to… make new tools that allow us to recover even more materials to improve stores and… Make new tools. The scheme is obvious and never renews itself, so much so that after more than ten hours of play, the title is able to send you back to the very first dungeon of the game (which you had already explored twenty-five times) to type An enemy level 1 or use your pickaxe on a rock so that, suddenly, new minerals are looted thanks to an improved pickaxe. The game seems to forget that when a good metroidvania brings us back to an area of the start of the game, it is always to discover a new secret and never to retype the same enemy or cut the same tree as at the start, except In the exceptional case of obtaining an item with a rare drop. Except that there is none of this in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, since the equipment of the characters is necessarily made and that there is no choice in arms and armor: a single weapon and a single armor For each character. Admittedly, there are many protective rings, but their effect is relatively dispensable on an extremely easy title, with the exception of the final boss whose last phase can amaze.


An introductory game as an amusement-mouth has every interest in capturing its audience while waiting for the release of the major title, long awaited since its crowdfunding campaign. However, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising does a little to reject us with a completely dispensable adventure, a broken narration and a universe that struggles to show its interest. We are still very curious to see Hunged Heroes, whose development team is different from this rising, but if the goal was to make us want to play their future JRPG, we cannot say that we serve a game Generic adventure based on materials of materials was the best of ideas. The idea is not the best, the execution is tedious, and it gives a game which becomes very painful once past the first two dungeons which exhibit, in two hours already, almost all of the mechanics that will be repeated during the next fifteen hours.

Test made by Hachim0n on PlayStation 5 from a version provided by the editor.

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