Schlotterbecks emotional farewell: I played my soul out

Nico Schlotterbeck became wistful during the memories. “The club has grown so dear to me,” he began, and raved: “I met a lot of friends and played my first games with my brother, even in the DFB Cup final today. We made our family proud.” He brought back a review in a real Schlotterbeck manner: “If someone had told me that a few years ago, I would have hit him in.”

Tears for Klopp - Emotional Send-Off from the Dortmund Fans

Fortunately, this was not necessary, instead the central defender experienced an incredible season and developed from the supplementary player to the national player. In the final against RB Leipzig (2: 4 in a penalty shootout), he showed his best seasonal performance – Cup final grade 1. Schlotterbeck defended brave, aggressively as usual, underneath him to a candle and a loss of ball that he himself ironed again, no mistake. To do this, he repeatedly dashed into the Leipzig half, went in front as the leader and only pinched at the point. “I didn’t have the eggs to shoot in a penalty shootout,” he admitted. In return, brother Keven banged the ball into the net. It did not help. For the twelfth time, a pair of brother played together in the final and for the fifth time the couple went home without a trophy.

“I played my last game for the sports club, gave everything and played out my soul,” said the left foot at “Sky”. After three years in Breisgau and a rental season at Union Berlin, his move to Dortmund is only logical. Schlotterbeck has outgrown Freiburg within one year. “A horny last year” he experienced with the team around head coach Christian Streich. In addition to the cup final, the SCF also reached 6th place and the Europa League. A historical season – also thanks to “Schlotti”. The failure to RB disappointed him accordingly, but he felt “still proud of the fans and what we did”.

Schlotterbeck’s new attempt with the BVB

In the Olympic Stadium, Schlotterbeck showed endgame qualities, and he particularly likes to crack it on the big stage. With the BVB, the election blonde head will even mix in the Champions League in the future, but a lot is currently changing at the new employer. “I didn’t deal so much with Marco Rose’s dismissal, even if it came as a surprise to me,” Schlotterbeck admitted. However, he was convinced of the “Vision Borussia Dortmund” and therefore chose black and yellow. You have to live in football with coaching changes. Nevertheless, he always has an eye on the trophy and announces at the ARD: “Hopefully the club will find a good solution that we will bring this thing to Dortmund next year.”

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