Fans dont like the appearance of the iron giant in Multiversus

This week a much more extensive trailer was revealed than Multiversus, game that brings together the most important franchises of Warner Bros. so that they face the style of Super Smash Bros._ That made many fans get excited with the characters revealed, including the Iron giant, but there are some who do not think this inclusion.

The original message of the 1999 film starring this robot tells us that violence is wrong, ideology that followers use to justify that it should not be included under any circumstances. However, most people agree to see him on the squad, especially because in the advance he knows his great hero Superman.

Given these complaints, the game director, Tony Huynh, already spoke about it and told the environment PC Gamer The following:

Some People Are Mad That WB Is Ruining The Iron Giants Character But Did Everyone Forget About This

First of all, it is an alternative universe. The characters are extracted from everywhere. And also, if you understand the story of the iron giant, there are existing multiple. And it is a assembly line of different models. Having said that, the background history on the website is that he is learning from Superman, who is his idol. And the hero uses his powers to protect people. And our game is focused on cooperating and protecting your ally.

With this explanation it is implied that the Iron giant remains good, although this time he is learning from one of the emblems of dc, who is characterized by fighting in favor of the Justice. Some followers described this explanation as ambiguous, but perhaps they were in mind to use other robots as a reason.

Remember that Multiversus will reach _PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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