Great Warzone 2 Leak reveals the Modern Warfare 2 Points of Interest Maps

New news has been coming out from the latest leaks about what we could expect about Call of Duty: Warzone 2. These warned us that there will be changes in armor or loot that drop and that it will be more related to the Black Ops 4 Blackout map than we think.

These changes would be pretty substantial and would not stop there. Tom Henderson has stressed that Modern Warfare 2 will significantly influence Warzone 2. This would be because old maps will return to the main title and the Warzone 2 map itself.

Modern Warfare 2 maps that will be in Warzone 2
Henderson is recognized in the video game industry for having a wide variety of sources that require pretty accurate information. In his latest report on Call of Duty, he states that maps from Modern Warfare 2 are coming to Warzone 2 and that they have been added and expanded.

He also explains that the maps will be part of the points of interest but have not yet been decided. Also, within the Warzone 2 map, the four confirmed maps have been revealed, and information about them.
Highrise: we can find it at a point of interest called Modern City that will have a very central Verdansk-style touch.
Quarry: the classic map will have a point of interest with the same name
Terminal – This map will be at an airport point of interest and bring back the Verdansk feature.
Afghan: We can find this one in the middle of the map, and it will be in caves.

Henderson also added that we might have more Modern Warfare 2 map content in Warzone 2.
Several other POI locations could feature more Modern Warfare 2 maps, including Mountain Town. It would be located next to the Observatory in the middle of the map, and that could include Favela.
Despite all the information, it must be borne in mind that there is nothing confirmed and that, at the moment, everything is leaking. In other words, much of this information can be modified compared to what we see in the game.

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