After historical victory: Austria cannot add to Norway

After the historical victory over the Czech Republic, Austria’s national team had to accept a setback at the World Cup in Finland. One day after the 2-1 after penalty shooting against the top nation, the Austrians drew the loser with 3: 5 against Norway on Wednesday.

The Postwar Occupation of Austria: History Matters (Short Animated Documentary)

On Tuesday, Austria, which only participated in the tournament because of the exclusion of Russia and Belarus, provided a big surprise and his first World Cup victory against the Czech Republic after penalty shooting against the Czech Republic. Previously, the outsider had already brought a point against medal candidate USA unexpectedly.

Italy becomes a relegation candidate

In the German group in Helsinki, France narrowly prevented a defeat against Italy and prevailed 2-1 after extra time. The still winless Italy, like Kazakhstan, is becoming an relegation candidate.

The two worst teams in the groups will have to take part in the B World Cup next year. France also only plays at the A World Cup because Russia and Belarus had been excluded as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

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