Not a Starfield, no Zelda: that could be the most well -known Christmas business in a long time

With the postponement of Starfield, not only has a large Xbox Exclusive from the 2022-released calendar said goodbye. But also one that potentially one of the hottest titles for this year’s Christmas business could have been. Instead, it now looks like there may be no fresh blockbuster under the Christmas tree this year.

Because Starfield was not the only candidate who could have taken care of many shining eyes in the fourth quarter. Also Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – or as it will ultimately be called – was originally announced for this winter, but will only appear next year. And since it still looks pretty bad with concrete announcements for the second half of the year, I am slowly worried that the Christmas business in 2022 could be the Ödest in a long time.

so far there has been blockbuster-EBBE at the end of the year

It looked a little different in recent years. Admittedly, with the new consoles and their start titles, the Christmas business in 2020 was certainly an exception, but also last year there was especially for Xbox fans with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite enough reason to joy. In 2022, on the other hand, the blockbuster wave spilled briefly in January and February, but at the end of the year, however, ebb seems to be.

Of course, there is also another big Pokémon, the mandatory Call of Duty and FIFA will also go to his next and – at least with this name – last round, but I still miss the next momentum of the games that we have been on now have been happy for several years. The Christmas business would have been the perfect time, strong titles can be noticeably boosting console sales here, even if the replenishment situation of course still wanted to be considered.

Tobias Veltin

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Tobi is actually not a blockbuster at all, but would have been happy about one of them at the end of the year. The fact that, except for God of War 2, none of these titles may be released at the end of the year, disappointed him, but he doesn’t worry. Because thanks to sufficient other releases, it will definitely not be played in terms of play.

Kratos, come to the rescue!

I don’t want to sound too black painting here either, after all, there is still enough reason to hope. The hotly expected God of War 2: Ragnarök for the PS5, for example, is supposed to be released this year, so it would be a hot candidate for the Christmas business. And even if it has looked a bit poor for the second half of the year apart from that in terms of blockbusters, that could change soon.

In June, Microsoft will present the Xbox plans for the next time in a large showcase, quite possible that Sony will follow suit with a State of Play and Nintendo with a Nintendo Direct. Not excluded that a few big titles are conjured up from the hat, which then appear on time for the Christmas business. And “smaller” games will appear enough anyway. At the latest at the end of July, most release cards are likely to be on the table. And it should also be clear whether my dark fears come true, or whether we are sitting under the Christmas tree with shining eyes.

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What do you think: is it too early for these dark forecasts? Which AAA games do you expect this year?

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