Bayer Leverkusen: Rudi Völler defends German football against duration

Rudi Völler sees German football and his league better than her reputation and is not afraid of alienation from the fans.

“Basically, I think that football is made worse, especially here in Germany,” said the 1990 world champion, who says goodbye to Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday after 21 years in a leading position as managing director of Bayer Leverkusen- in the “WAZ”- Interview.

DANKE, RUDI! Völlers emotionale Verabschiedung in Leverkusen

“Last weekend, the interiors were occupied with fans in so many stadiums. I didn’t feel that they were demonstrations against football, right?” Said Völler with a view of the storms in Cologne or Schalke.

“In the first period of pandemic, many comments were written that the audience would no longer come back, that they would have weaned. The opposite is the case,” said the 62-year-old: “No matter where I look: The stadiums are full. The Frankfurters go to Barcelona with 30,000 people. Football still has an enormous meaning here. “

With talk of “new competition”, for example through American Football, he could “do nothing. I got up with my boys for the Super Bowl. The best thing was the half -time show with Jennifer Lopez, the rest was cruel for me, there are My feet fell asleep, “said Völler:” Yes, the younger generation looks at it, even if the NFL will play in Munich soon. But not week after week. We also have to protect our Bundesliga. “

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