Why BVB is at risk at Haller

BVB has found a potential successor to Erling Haaland with Sébastien Haller. The ex-Frankfurter should be on the wish list for the black and yellow. But does the 27-year-old also fit Borussia? What opportunities do a transfer offer? And what are the risks?

Borussia Dortmund needs a new center forward. Karim Adeyemi has already committed a talented offensive power, but the German international is not a replacement for Erling Haaland. Sébastien Haller is one of the candidates who could follow the Norwegians’ footsteps. The Ivorer in the service of Ajax Amsterdam is traded hot on the Rhinelanddamm.

But how much Haaland is in Haller? Can the 1.90-meter giant to replace the Norwegian in Erlings? What opportunities would coach Marco Rose open with Haller in the Sturmspitze? And what risks does a transfer bring with it? Erling answers the most pressing questions.

  • Haller to BVB? So is the stand

Talks between BVB and Sébastien Haller should already run. The “Spiegel” writes that the striker could well imagine a move to Dortmund. The same applies to the Dortmund, which also see an attractive option in the Ivorer.

Although Haller is still under contract with Ajax Amsterdam by 2025, so a possibly lush transfer is due, BVB rejects a loan business according to “Erling1”. The 27-year-old is to be firmly committed. Cost: up to 35 million euros.

In order to finance the deal, the Dortmunders have to part with one or the other player beforehand. Manuel Akanji is considered the most promising candidate here. The Swiss will probably switch to the Premier League and is expected to rinse well over 20 million euros in the coffers.

  • What would Haller give the BVB?

With its 1.90 meters and 82 kg, Haller is not quite as big and strong as Haaland. But he also knows where the goal is, is a real target player and works for the team. In addition, Haller always has an eye for his teammates. Where Haaland is usually looking for the conclusion, Haller is often ready to put the ball across again.

At the same time, the Ivorer Marco Rose would open an option that was only on paper this season: the game with two strikers. Already in Frankfurt, Haller demonstrated in addition to Luka Jovic that he can benefit from an adjoining man and him.

In Dortmund, Haller 2022/23 would form the storm duo with Karim Adeyemi. The national player feels much more comfortable in the top than on the wing. With Haller in the team, he can continue to whirl in his desired position without the path to the goal for him.

  • What would Haller not give to BVB?

SÉBASTIEN HALLER - Welcome to Borussia Dortmund? - 2022 - Insane Skills & Goals (HD)

As attractive as a Haller obligation is at first glance, the truth is: Compared to Erling Haaland, the Ivorer pulls the loser in almost all areas.

While Haaland plows through the opposing half at an ICE pace, the ex-Frankfurter is more at the regional express level. Balls just beat the front with the hope that the striker puts the defense on its own? That worked with Haaland, but certainly not with Haller.

In addition, those responsible for BVB have to ask themselves how good the Ivorer really is. Yes, his Champions League season (eleven goals in eight games) was outstanding. But can he also call it up constant? Haller has so far been guilty of this proof.

It is also unclear how much his 21 goals in 31 games in the home league are really worth. After all, the Bundesliga is a completely different caliber than the eredivisia. In his one and a half years at West Ham, Haller did not meet the high demands. And in Frankfurt, too, it was ultimately only one season in which the Ivorer grew beyond himself. The Dortmund would bear this risk.

  • the BVB and the economic risk

Haller could go to Dortmund without a question. The Ivorer would close the Haaland hole and bring the force, which Erlings director Michael Zorc recently asked for. But what does it look financially?

Sustainable, so much is clear, a transfer of the ex-Frankfurter would not be. Haller would sign his last major contract in Dortmund. If the almost 28-year-old comes for four years, he would be 32 years old after the end of the contract. He is not yet part of the old iron, but a striker no longer has a high resale value in this phase of his career.

The Dortmund concept “Buy young, train and train, to sell expensive” would have to throw the club over the pile in its case. Whether the black and yellow still pays over 30 million euros for the striker is a question that will certainly be discussed intensively on the executive floor.

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