Hellmann: A rush that Seville has not yet experienced

Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann speaks of an “eternal dream” to play against the Rangers, “because 1960 hovers over everything”. At that time, the after -work soccer players from the Riederwald beat the professionals from Glasgow 6: 1 and 6: 3 in the semi -finals of the national champions’ European Cup. The final against Real Madrid (3: 7), which was later elected for the century, finally took place in front of 127,000 spectators in the Glasgower Hampden Park.

What many do not know: The connection between Frankfurt and the Rangers was so tight that the Hesse played again in Hampden Park in 1961 at the invitation of the Scots. The occasion was the inauguration of a new floodlight system, 104,000 fans came to this friendly game.

Hopefully this historical connection ensures that the fans will celebrate a big party together and that there are no riots like against West Ham United. Hellmann does not expect “incidents”: “Both clubs feel friendly.”

You have hijacked almost all ferries. Something like that impresses me, they really feel like it.

Axel Hellmann

In any case, the fan camps can hardly avoid 34 degrees in the shade, which are predicted for Sevilla. Hellmann reports that at least 70,000 to 80,000 supporters of the Rangers are expected in Andalusia. It is a conservative estimate that over 100,000 football -crazy Scots could also arrive: “They have hijacked almost all ferries. Something impresses me, they are really in it.”

Of course, this also applies to the supporters of Eintracht, who will be outnumbered in the city. “We expect 40,000 to 50,000 fans, which is also a huge number,” says the spokesman for the board. Over 20 planes were organized solely through the fan club association, which does not close to the need. Thousands of supporters will come to Seville via all conceivable detours.

Hellmann exemplifies the route of the fan club “Hausbergadler” from the Wetterau: We only go to Venice by plane, then on to Malaga and from there finally by bus to Sevilla- a 16 to 17-hour tour, easy route. Hellmann’s conclusion: “In Seville you are expecting a rush that this city has not yet experienced. This will be a unique meeting of the most singing and enthusiastic fans in Europe.”

capacities are expanded

Club and fans have the same wish: Eintracht should win the Europa League. Imago/Hartenfelser

Therefore, the UEFA is now even working to broadcast the game in Seville in two large places for up to 50,000 fans. Because officially each club only got 10,000 tickets for its followers, but the SGE alone could have sold over 100,000 cards. Even for the public viewing in the Waldstadion, the club could have dropped a six -digit number of tickets.

“I’ve been there for a few years, but I’ve never seen that in the form,” Hellmann is amazed. Another canvas is now installed in front of the arena, which creates another 5000 to 6000 places. “Over 50,000 people will be around the stadium,” says Hellmann.

wedding ceremonies canceled

Should Eintracht actually bring the trophy to Frankfurt, hundreds of thousands will be on its feet next Thursday. After landing in the late afternoon, the team would drive from the airport to the Roman and celebrate themselves as after the 2018 DFB Cup victory in Cabrios. We are back on the subject of missing superlatives – what would be going on in Frankfurt exceeds every imagination.

Clyde SSB Scottish Football Phone In 10th May
To be on the safe side, nine wedding ceremonies that were to take place on May 19 in the Romans have already been moved. Hellmann wants to invite the affected couples for a home game in the coming season. It is by no means the case that Eintracht feels like the safe winner, but it would be unprofessional not to plan for all eventualities.

I feel disappointment and anger.

Axel Hellmann

The only drop of bitterness is the disappointment of the fans who did not get a card for the final. “The topic is difficult for me in my stomach. I feel disappointment and anger. I also got a whole series of disappointed emails from my circle of friends,” says Hellmann. In the distribution and raffle of the tickets, various “clusters” were formed, which would have caused even some “frequent drivers and all -rounders” to be empty: “I can totally understand that many people who have been visiting harmony for decades who have been visiting for decades In Gütersloh, Meppen, Babelsberg and Oldenburg, questions: Why does he get a ticket and I can’t? “

Hellmann makes no secret of the fact that the active fan scene was preferred – for understandable reasons.
“The force from the curve is central. Our team needs the complete and organized support. We are pragmatic, we want to bring the furor from the ranks to the scene,” emphasizes the 50-year-old.
If this succeeds, the chances are not bad that Eintracht will take the second international title to Frankfurt after the UEFA Cup victory 42 years ago.
Perhaps a new, suitable superlative for a city and a club in the state of emergency would also be in the victory frenzy.

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