The first GenShin Impact CyberstorNrier has been announced

Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail|Genshin Impact (Contains spoilers)
The developers of the game Genshin Impact plan to conduct the first full -fledged cyber -country, which Mihoyo announced in a special announcement.

The material indicates that students of British universities will participate in the competition, while there will be no immediate battles between the players. Instead, the participants will try to overtake each other in performing various activities (for example, in high -speed resource production).

The prize fund of the tournament will be 11,000 pounds, the money will be distributed between four teams – three, which took prizes, and one that will be determined based on the results of user votes. Registration for the event will be held until May 16, and the final games will take place on the 28th.

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