Fortnite: Locations of Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip

The WOCHE 8 resistance quests are now live in Fortnite, and with a challenge this week, players have to speak to Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip. These three NPCs are located in different parts of the Fortnite card, and some of them cannot even be found in named POIs. To unlock this quest, you must first complete every quest from week 1 to 7. When you complete this challenge, you will receive 23,000 XP for the Battle Pass from Chapter 3, Season 2, which brings you a step closer to the activation of skins like Doctor Strange.

where you can find Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip in Fortnite

You can see the locations for all three characters on the map below.

To complete this quest, you have to speak to all three of these characters. You don’t have to talk to everyone in the same game so that you can come to your respective places in different rounds. When they approach them, a white speech bubble appears that hovers over their heads, so they are looking for it.

MANCAKE location

Mancake can be found at the Butter Barn southwest of Rocky Reels . The Butter Barn lies opposite the gas station on the street, which leads to south from Rocky Reels, and is therefore easy to see. Usually he wanders around the building.

Location of Bao Bros

Bao Bros is located in the west of the Condo Canyon . He wanders around the Poi during the game, but you usually find it when he sweeps the floors of the building near the bounty bar and the vending machine.

LIL Whip location

Talk to Mancake, Bao Bros, and Lil Whip Locations - Fortnite

Lil Whip is located in Coney Crossroads on the top floor of the pink -colored restaurant Sofdeez in the eastern part of the POI. It is the easiest to find the trio.

As soon as you have found Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip and spoke to you, complete the quest and will be rewarded with 23,000 XP. You can then continue with the next challenges in the quest series of Week 8, which is about destroying garbage that lies around in Sanctuary and collecting signal disorders in certain places.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is currently underway and makes major changes to the traditional Fortnite formula. The game has finally added a mode without a building called Zero Build, which exists alongside the standard building playlists. This season also brings the Prowler Skin, Cow Catchers and new red and blue lines to the Fortnite card. Star Wars has also arrived on the Fortnite island, and the players can visit the Stormtrooper control points scattered on the map to collect the E-11 blaster rifle and the light swords.

Chapter 3 Season 2 also contains a number of new seasonal challenges, such as: B. to fall 10 floors without being damaged and more. Finally, the Omega-Ritter-Level-up package is also available and enables players to collect level up tokens for simple battle stars.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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