Eintracht Bamberg says goodbye to the title race

FC Eintracht Bamberg has finally passed from the title race. The defeat against Erlangen followed the next bankruptcy against ASV Neumarkt on Saturday afternoon. He native (5th, 67th) and Schrödl (70th) ensured clear conditions.

Nevertheless, the Domstadt residents almost came back again. Ultimately, the two goals from Heinz (71st) and Hack (80th) were no longer a result cosmetics. Accordingly, the disappointment about the missed regional league promotion was after the game.

ATSV celebrates Last-Minute-Sieg-Vilzing and Ansbach show no nakedness

Already on Friday, the ATSV Erlangen made a furious 3: 2 in the top game against FC Eintracht Bamberg follow a competitive victory in Großbardorf. But in the GALLE, the Middle Franconia was noticed a certain tiredness, but a Kracun penalty goal in the 3rd minute initially caused a little calming.

Eintracht Frankfurt - Borussia M'gladbach 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 33 – Bundesliga 2021/22
The increasingly dominant Grabfeld-Gallier struck in the 33rd minute through straw quirks and could have missed the exhausted favorites. In injury time it turned out very differently, a long ball landed in the penalty area with Marx, who elegantly lifted the ball into the far corner from half -left.

In contrast, the appearances of the DJK Vilzing and the SpVgg Ansbach were confident – albeit with significantly lighter tasks. Ansbach was successful in Würzburg. The game was decided during a break, after which the barrel hit twice in the first ten minutes and Kroiß in the 23rd minute completely alone in front of WFV keeper Humpenöder added 3-0 for the Middle Franconia. Then nothing happened for a long time before Conte initially reduced the old distance to 1: 3 in the 89th minute and Kroiß restored the old gap in added time.

**** Vilzing, on the other hand, celebrated a 7-0 rifle festival against the bottom of Sand, which should probably be a direct relegation. Müller, Luge and disciples each met twice. Kordick completed the goal scorers. It should also be clear that SV Seligenporten, TSV Karlburg and Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg have to fight for their happiness in the relegation relegation.

Seligenporten distances itself from rank

Blessed ports recently did everything in the relegation battle to escape the direct fall into the sixth league. The 1-0 against the DJK Ammerthal was the second victory in a row on Friday, after nine bankruptcies in a row. Both teams offered the audience a lively game in which the SVS had slight advantages, but could never be too safe for his cause, since for example, in the 35th minute Vidovic had to save on the line for his already beaten goalkeeper Pager.

In the 67th minute, the pendulum in favor of the monastery struck, Bajic immediately followed the ball, conquered the ball and the Nyary he staged the ball made the ball into the stitches from an acute angle. The SVS is now four points in front of sand.

SV Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg was not able to take advantage of the ASV Cham’s mistake at SC Feucht – final score 1: 3 – and will certainly take part in the relegation relegation after the 0-0 in Hof. The game between the TSV Abtswind and the DJK Givingbach had no more as a test game character. For Abtswind, the last minute goal by Hofmann should therefore also be manageable to the 1-1 final score, which had preceded Marko Korene’s goal (18th).

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