Kaiser and Frantz leave Hannover 96

The association announced that Kaiser and Frantz will no longer play for the Lower Saxony next season. The duo, whose contracts expire, will be adopted against Ingolstadt as part of the last game of the season next Sunday.

“With ‘Domme’ and Mike, two of the character, which were in character, who have done us very well through their experience, especially in the difficult phases and were particularly important supports and contacts next to the square,” said sports director Marcus Mann.

“Unfortunately, we did not achieve the goals that I had personally and also with the team in the two seasons that I experienced completely as we imagined it,” commented Kaiser, who came from Bröndby IF in 2020.

Kaiser thinks about the end of the career

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How it goes on for him is still open. “Maybe it will be the last game in professional football for me. But it is certainly not. I will decide with my family after the season,” said Kaiser.

There was disappointment with Frantz. “You have to honestly say that we all imagined the last two seasons differently, of course I personally also,” said Frantz, who came to Hannover from SC Freiburg in 2020. “Even out of such a time with many difficult phases, you can pull out a lot and take with you for the future.”

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