Lauwarmkaba: As a content creator, you will have more success in the long term

The agony of choice in choosing a career: eSporters or content creator? Train on his gameplay and clear out price money or produce videos and content at tournaments and earn money?

For Luigi ‘Lauwarmekaba’ Indrieri, the answer is clear: Content Creator. In the long term, this will “have more success and earn more”.

The 25-year-old already sniffed into both jobs. He is currently creating content for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and SP9 eSport, the team of Bochum professional Sebastian Polter. Indrieri’s tasks include live streaming, video productions or advertising partnerships with companies.

more successful, “because you are watched because of your own way”

Previously, he played competitively at VfB Stuttgart and SV Meppen before he got a “golden” and directional idea. When Corona pandemic forced to many restrictions again in autumn 2020, he streamed at seven in the morning. Triggered by sleep disorders, he discovered a niche.

When the decision was made to officially be a content Creator, “I dropped a lot of pressure”. “High objectives and then depend on the game”, the nail on the nervous costume. “As a content creator, you can be much more successful because you are watched because of your own way” and not because of your playing style, which is then influenced by bad servers, for example.

The chat is the coolest thing there is. These are people who communicate with you in real time.

Luigi ‘Lauwarmekaba’ Indrieri

secret recipe: empathy and a lot of laughter

“Talking about personal things, laughing a lot” is the secret recipe of Indrieri: “Chat is the coolest thing there is. These are people who communicate with you in real time.”

His training as a car seller helped him to “understand what the wishes of the customer are”. That helps him to be open and empathetic.

“You can’t forced it”

If you want to become an eSporter, you should still follow this dream. After all, there are “elite an athletes who take every offline event with them and then play around thousands of euros.” However, INDRIERI, reach and streaming advises not to neglect.

On the one hand, this increases the attractiveness of clubs and organizations. On the other hand, the path of the content creator is also open. Which career it will be, the “should never be forced. That happens by itself.”

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