The MMORPG Ashes of Creation specifies its “event system”

Likewise, the studio imagines PVP events, linked to “battlefields” in open world (these are not instances). When a PVP event is triggered, the players present in the area are integrated into the “battlefield” and they can compete without having to undergo PvP penalties – a player who would not want to take part in the fight can go away of the area. The studio sees it as a way to multiply the skirmishes for small groups of players in different areas of the game universe and each goal would have local consequences in a global conflict. Large guilds could coordinate these different objectives around the world, small groups could participate more spontaneously.

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As we understand, the Ashes of Creation event system aims to energize the game universe by immersing players in an evolutionary world, while renewing traditional quest distribution methods – to prefer a method triggering missions linked to a context and the actions of the players. We will undoubtedly be curious to test this system on part as part of the next alpha-test phases.

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