Aka: Indie game between Zelda & Animal Crossing

From an isometric perspective, stroll through a green country, feel like a link and at the same time build a house and order arable land-the new indie game AKA could be a wellness dream.

The Animal Crossing Game... But With GUNS

Trailer already looked? Do this (below), because aka could become a little jewel. According to the info text, the story background is like this: “The war is over, an old friend invites you to his island so that you can lead a peaceful life there”. Yes, and then this antropomorphic red panda-Klops is electricity through the nicely drawn floodplain. And yes: he can make a nap on a huge water pig. Who does not want that?!

But there are also concrete playful content:

  • Gardening: You can grow plants, from flowers to vegetables. The cultivation system is inspired by permaculture, and wild animals also play a role
  • Construction work & crafting: You can create accommodations, tools or clothing, that can be good for quests or just look pretty
  • Relaxation: Yes, you can just chill out, e.g. in hot springs with monkeys, you can watch the clouds or just make naps on a huge Capybara
  • Quests: AKA has a small, open game world, is therefore not a linear game, you can decide to help NPCs – or not
  • Mini -Games: Small games and disciplines in the world are also available, from the labyrinth to the sledge ride

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