top voting: Who is the best central defender of the 2000s?

top is looking for the top 11 of the 2000s. This time we deal with the central defenders. Who is the best clearer of the 00s for you?

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The last time the goalkeepers were on, now it continues with the central defenders. Here, too, the 2000s have produced a variety of absolute world -class players.

The Italians in particular with their quite successful Catenaccio play style are a prime example of successful defends. In our selection of one or the other player of the Squadra Azzurra, one or the other actor. But Spaniards, French, Dutch and two Germans also made it into the list.

Which central defender is the “best” for you in this period?

You can participate in the voting on the web directly in the article. For app users it goes along here!

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