NBA News: Sixers coach Doc Rivers shoots according to Playoff

Doc Rivers, Head Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, reacted to the question of a reporter about his playoff balance. Rivers and his teams have already played a 3-1 lead in the PostSeason three times, if the Sixers still lose the series against the Toronto Raptors, they would even write playoff history.

Doc Rivers Postgame Interview (Game 5) | 76ers vs Raptors | 2022 NBA Playoffs
A franchise has never lost a series after a 3-0 lead, for the game on Friday, Philadelphia travels to Canada at 3-2. When asked about his playoff past, Rivers made it clear how some of the disappointments could occur. “It is easy to move in as an example. But I wish you would tell the whole story,” he said after the Wednesday training.

In 2003, the Detroit Piston’s Detroit Piston was delivered a great fight with the Orlando Magic. “Nobody brings me respect for it. I encourage you to look at the squad from back then. You would say: What a damn good coaching job!”

He also lost to the Rockets with the Clippers in 2015 after 3-1 lead, but had to do without Chris Paul in the first two games and also did not have the home advantage. Play 6 should be the most formative when the Rockets ended the game with a 40:15 quarter.

Only in the series against the Nuggets 2020 did Rivers admit that significantly more was in it. “I take that to myself, we dried up.” The playoffs at that time took place in the Bubble of Orlando, so that the Home Court Advantage of the Clippers did not apply. Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Co. played a double -digit tour in the games 5 to 7.

“I always have to be better and always take responsibility. But sometimes the circumstances come. Now we should just win, then we don’t have to talk about it any longer,” said Rivers to the current series. After Joel Embbiid’s game winner in game 3, everything looked like a quick matter, but with the bad bankruptcy in game 5 in front of a home backdrop, it even hailed their own fans. “We didn’t play well, both teams now have the full attention of the other. If that is not the case, we all have a problem,” said Rivers.

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Philadelphia 76ers vs. Toronto Raptors: The dates of the series

Game Date Time Home About result
1 17. April 0 o’clock Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors 131: 111
2 19. April 1.30 a.m. Philadelphia 76ers Toronto Raptors 112: 97

3 | 21. April | 2 o’clock | Toronto Raptors | Philadelphia 76ers | 101: 104 OT
4 | 23. April | 8 p.m. | Toronto Raptors | Philadelphia 76ers | 110: 102
5 | 25. April | 1 o’clock | Philadelphia 76ers | Toronto Raptors | 88: 103
6 | 28. April | 1 o’clock | Toronto Raptors | Philadelphia 76ers | –
7*| 1. May | TBD | Philadelphia 76ers | Toronto Raptors | –

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