Unknown planet Released-Fi-Fi Tower Defense “IRON GUARD” Release-Fusion of classical turnbase and real-time

The developer XLAB Digital has launched a down-looking SCI-Fi tower defense “ Iron Guard ” to PC (Steam).

This work is a tower defense shooting that combines classical turnbase and real -time. Although it was already released exclusively for VR, it was developed as a standalone version for PCs after the community feedback.

In 2232 AD, the player became a crew of “Avalon” Graves of “Avalon”, which was unknown to the unknown planet Acris, and protected his fellow crew from the invasion of Terra Former Robot, which was unable to control, and survived the battle that survived. I will throw.

Features of this work

  • Top -down immersive game play.

  • Various game modes and styles.

  • Upgraded turret, pass blocker, mining harvesta.

  • Possibility of non -linear equipment upgrades between missions

  • Arcade style shooting that usually uses normal weapons and super weapons from an upgraded drone.

  • A unique story developed in cut scenes and dialogs.

  • A wonderful voice actor and music that excites gameplay in the true style of a classic RTS game.

  • A beautiful and stylish environment with the mysterious atmosphere of an unknown planet.

Iron Guard VR Review & Gameplay - A Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game
The strategic RTS “IRON GURAD” depicting a battle in Aquaris planet is currently on sale for PC (Steam) for 820 yen (20%off until May 4). The VR version is on sale for 1,520 yen. In addition, the demo version can be downloaded on Steam.

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