MSI Pro MP241X, Naver Gift,

MS ICI Co., Ltd. (, representative) is a popularity IT brand futures leader on the largest portal site in Korea.

This Naver futures challenge proceeds from April 20 to April 30th, and the Benefits of Store steamed 5% discount coupons and the benefits of up to 11% additional points to the ‘MSI Pro MP241X’ rational prices.

Especially, the “MSI Pro MP241X”, which is a gift of futures, the MSI Pro MP241X, is a rapidly growing product with the latest models of the pro-series lineup that can be widely used in commercial space and home.

In complex space, it is a 24-inch size that can increase utilization in a 24-inch size, more clear than the existing HD (1920 * 1080) resolution, and the VA panel, which boasts excellent contrast, and the VA panel, which is excellent contrary, is an overall product that can be used in any environment.

The 75Hz scanning rate and adaptive sinks and free synchring supports have increased the taste of consumers who wanted gaming of a smooth environment and raised one layer more satisfaction. It also boasts a comfortable feeling of MSI Care (Eye Care), such as Anti-Care (Eye Care), which reduces blue light to protect the eye from flicker and reducing the eyes from the flicker, which grabs the fine screen blinking, and anti-Glare, which reduces the light reflected light.

Meanwhile, MSI offers an opportunity for additional benefits to present a photolishop event that will present Starbucks Americano when purchasing a photolissograph after purchasing through the event.

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