Missing penalty whistle at FCB against BVB: Referee Daniel Siebert explains

Referee Daniel Siebert has granted two wrong decisions on the day after the cover 3: 1 of FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund on the 31st matchday of the Bundesliga and explains.

The Kicker said Siebert over the rusteer scene in the 59th minute when he refused the BVB to a regular grate of Benjamin Pavard to Jude Bellingham in the penalty area, now: “In the running duel between Pavard and Bellingham, Pavard relies on to the Grasche to join to grasp his right leg from the foot of the foot. This first attempt fails, Pavard does not play the ball, his leg is an obstacle in the lead from Bellingham. Control technology is a chance and thus a foul. That Pavard shortly afterwards the ball touches, is irrelevant “. Siebert’s judgment with one day delay therefore: “Crash would have been the right decision.”

But why had Siebert to continue the game on Saturday at the level of 2: 1 for FC Bayern? “In the field, Pavard hidden my glaze to the decisive contact in the foot area,” explains the referee to the Kicker.

He could only decide on penalty as a referee if he realizes a criminal contact significantly, he explains.

Why the Var Siebert did not preserve before this wrong decision remains open. Finally, Siebert also admits that “in the camera setting ‘hintertor high’ the criminal contact of Pavard to Bellingham is clearly recognizable”.

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FC Bayern – BVB: Second wrong decision annoys Siebert even more

BVB coach Marco Rose had responded to the decision on Saturday at SKY with sarcasm. “I think there are a few people who could have looked at. But that’s nothing new to us,” Rose had said and supplemented: “Then I have to say: Hat off!”

Even with a disputed decision ten minutes before, Siebert made the wrong decision. After a hard-guided duel between Pavard and Julian Brandt, Siebert had continued to go on, although Brandt held the painful ankle after getting in the Bayern defender.

Siebert says the view of the TV images to the scene: “That was the biggest mistake in this game and about my evaluation of this scene I’m very annoying. Brandt exoked at a high speed towards Münchner Tor and Pavard relies on laterally-back quite controlled Grad to play the ball. But he only meets Brand’s ankle, so it was a clear foul that would have been mandatory with yellow. “

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On Saturday he had a false perception and thought of his position on the square. Pavard played the ball.

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