FC St. Pauli has already discussed the future questions

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Because so much all the protagonists emphasize everything to do for the Bundesliga, so obviously has become in the past weeks and months that interference factors have influenced. Trainer and sports boss Andreas Bornemann must discuss in the great analysis in May, so that’s what happened?

Nine outgoing player contracts have taken care of in the cabin for a grumbling, an exceptionally high number of however does not mean this. For comparison: In the case of Ligaconkunkt Hansa Rostock, twice as many professionals are affected by an unclear future, yet the newcomer fulfilled the expectations, while the autumn champion in the Round Round Table only occupied rank 12.

Really open are only three personal details

In addition, this is completely unclear as to the outside colors, things are not. After Ligaconkunkt Hansa information, the long-term St. Pauli-Profis Rico Benatelli, Christopher Bayman, James Lawrence and also Captain Philipp Ziereis have already received the evaluation of their athletic perspective. The signs of this quite well-known quartet are based on separation, as well as in the injured Jannes Wiechoff and Sebastian Ohlsson. Really open are therefore only three personalities: Maximilian Dittgen, Simon Makienok and Adam Dzwigala.

The co-trainer theme also seems to be done as well: with Schultz ‘assistants Loic Favé and Fabian Hürzeler was achieved in the main points agreement on a continuation of the cooperation, the announcement is on the next few days. Unusual uncertainty should no longer play a role in the final spurt.

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