How to find Ki during the fight in NIOH 2

Ki, the green bar, is the way you can do one of your attacks or make a jet during the fight in nioh 2. You have a limited amount of ki at your disposal, and the more you use it, more You empty yourself. When empty, you can not do anything to defend yourself against an enemy attack until it recharges. However, if you are fast enough, you can find some of your stamina lost during a fight and not have to wait as long as it comes back.

When you perform an attack against an enemy, your green bar at the top left of your screen will drop gradually, indicating the endurance level you have left. Although he is slowly recharging during the fight and you do not do anything, it’s a slow process. It’s much too slow if you want to face louder enemies that are extremely fast. To quickly restore your ki, watch the green bar that turns red for your lost endurance, then a white bar should go up the red bar. When it reaches the peak side of the red bar, press the R1 button, and you will find as many ki.

You must be fast. If you are too late, you will lose this ki and will have to wait for it to recharge. If you do it too early, you get some of your ki, but not everything. But doing it too early is much better than too late. By learning the time of this ki charge, you can optimize your combat time to face foraging enemies by inflicting a large amount of damage and being always able to defend you or move away.

Nioh 2: Yokai Combat Guide

Finding your endurance goes hand in hand with you to understand the type of attacks of your weapon when you change position. After finding your stamina, try changing your position to start making new attacks, pushing your enemy even further.

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