HSV between league frustration and trophy

If there is hardly anything else in the league, the DFB trophy becomes for replacement love. The Hamburger SV would have been able to place another rank on Tuesday (20:45 clock) for the semifinals against the SC Freiburg on Tuesday (20:45).

The 57,000 tickets were outprighted in wind parts. For comparison: To the second division games of the hamburgers did not want to come more than 25,000 spectators last.

The well-founded Bundesliga ascent has thoroughly spoiled the fans of the HSV for the fourth time in series. For the cup game, however, they like to make an exception. Because that is a holiday in the gray league all kinds, this is relaxation instead of trouble.

“The sensation is possible,” said Robert Glatzel, with 18 goals of best HSV shooters. “That will be an incredibly awesome game. I can not wait to finally play in front of a full hut.” He does not know that namely. Just as little as half squad and Tim Walter as HSV coach.

Lastly, the arena was full up to the roof in February 2020. Freiburg Captain Christian Günter swank nothing good. “It’s with one of the loudest stages I can remember,” he said respectfully.

HSV Diagnosis for New Nurse Practitioners
In the mood, the North Germans with a sovereign 3: 0 against the Karlsruher SC. And already was expected. What is still possible in the 2nd league when the HSV wins the four outstanding games and stumble to the previously placed?

HSV with long trophy thirst trail

But first is Cup. “Berlin, Berlin – we drive to Berlin,” the fans called during the Karlsruhe Partie. The print is much less on the team than in the league everyday life. Even a defeat against the current season constantly strong Freiburg with Champions League ambitions should hardly contribute the Walter team to criticism. There is nothing to lose. “One is the paper shape, the other is the truth in the square,” emphasizes Walter.

35 years ago, the then big HSV lasted the pot. Three times you succeeded in the club history. Such a feeling of the Freiburg also want to get to know. Never never won the trophy, once they were in the semifinals (2012/13).

“I’m not there for dreaming. I have something to fulfill with my work colleagues, so maybe a dream comes true,” said Freiburg’s coach Christian prank humorless. “It’s about going to drive with humility to Hamburg.”

Wins the HSV again a penalty shooting?

The journey to the Elbe is a reviving old memories for the 56-year-old football teacher. “I have always played insane against the HSV because that’s a big, big club is for me from my childhood and my youth,” said the Badener. “I have a lot of beautiful memories of games at St. Pauli and the HSV. It’s always something special to be in Hamburg. I was looking forward to the draw.”

His colleague Walter praised the Freiburg. With prank you are about to shape an era. “The club stands for stability and continuity. This shows itself above all on the coaching position,” said HSV coach.

Not a few HSV fans unkens: The game goes out as always. So: extension, penalty shooting, HSV wins. So it was in the previous three rounds. Against the KSC (3: 2 I.E), 1. FC Cologne (4: 3 I.e.) and the 1st FC Nuremberg 4: 2 (I.e.) the decision had to fall from the point. Walter takes a renewed additional layer in purchase, if so the Berlin trip can be booked for the final. For the coach wants a victory to “keep at least one hand at the pot”.

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