NHL-Youngster Tim Support hopes for World Cup participation: Had mega

Ice Hockey Jungstar Tim Support hopes for use at the World Cup in Finland. “I have always said: For me it is a great honor to play for Germany. If given me the opportunity, I will definitely be there,” said the 20-year-old striker of the Ottawa Senators at Sky Sport: “I Had mega-lust on the boys. “

So far, the previous junior national player has not yet denied a A country to Germany. Since his senators clearly miss the playoffs in the NHL, Stütfle is at least available for the tournament from 13 to 29 May. “Of course, one hopes that no injury is coming between. I now focus on the rest of the season here and then you will see what happens,” said the native four-seater, who plays a strong second NHL season.

At Olympia, the German team had collected a tower bank without NHL professionals. “That may not be an excuse. If NHL player would have been in Canada or the US, it would look different differently,” Stütfle said, “The boys were disappointed about the performance. But that’s a thing of the past, we will now resort again “

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