First defeat in the eighth game: DFB

With five changes compared to the 3-0 against Portugal, Federal Trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg went the game: smoke, Bühl (both prematurely “depravity” left), Waßmuth, Hendrich and Marozsan (all bank) were made by small servers, fire, popp, Rall and Schüller replaced.

In the changed form, the German women did not come into play from the beginning. Already in the first minute, Frohms had to intervene for a Filipovic shot, the degrees after two corners could just be blocked.

The Voss-Tecklenburg-Elf could free himself out of the clutch, but nothing went forward. Rather, Serbia repeatedly put needle tiles, in the 21st minute, Popp had to clarify on the line. After a poljak chance, the DFB selection was also worded, but Gwinn pushed a Huth-flank to the outer post (27th).

In the 36th minute the ball was in the German gate. First, Frohms was still able to clarify against Slovic, but she was powerless against the header of Poljak. The DFB eleven had almost an answer, but almost almost. Magull’s shot clapped at the crossbar (38th). It went with a 1-0 in the break because Poljak set a too short return of Gwinn in the first 45-minute postpost postpost.

Damnjanovic is twice as

The 2-0 was followed by the homely shortly after the break, because Damnjanovic did not stop by Oberdorf and Kleinherne Kostic after a wide spread of goalkeeper in Kostic and thus increased (49.). The DFB-EC eleven in consequence the pressure and came after a Marozsan flank by a powerful header of Schüller to 1: 2 (60th).

If NERF Was Like Video Games
Germany ran – and began the 1: 3. Again, the vote was not true in the defense center, then Damnjanovic was able to complete (69.). An impact, because the German team was not mandatory for a long time. Against a now clearly staggered Serbian defense series missed the ideas.

Waßmuth’s hits comes too late

Waßmuth was still able to conquer Kostic six minutes before the end, but was just off the pass to the depth. In the detention time, her goal then counted, more than the 2: 3 did not jump out anymore. Thus, after seven seven, DFB women gave points for the first time in the World Cup Quali. Continue in September in Turkey and in Bulgaria, then the World Cup qualifier should be made perfect.

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