Some overwatch players do not agree with one of the SOJOURN skills

Blizzard was shown Supervision 2 Visit this week to get a preview of what the new hero is capable of doing. That included a progress of the game, a detailed transmission and talks about Sojourn’s skills that the DPS hero will use when adding to the franchise. One of those skills, the “Shot Disruptor” movement allows Sojourn to shoot a project-based projectile that slows the enemies. The disclosure of this movement has resulted in a certain frustration within parts of the Supervision and -relocation 2 community of those who hoped that the control of crowds had less presence in the next game.

You can find answers like the following in response to Blizzard tweets on Sojourn, where people question the idea of adding a crowd control capability (CC) to a DPS hero. He has also inspired publications in the game forums and in Reddit where players looked at previous statements from the developers and wondered where this CC came.

Part of these frustrations seem to come from differences of opinion when it comes to what the control of crowds really means. In general terms, the control of crowds refers to anything that harms a player’s movement, so it encompasses stunning, setbacks, slowdown, sleep and more. However, there is also control of “hard” and “soft crowds”. Hard CC includes things like stunning and other movements that completely stop the actions, while Soft CC includes slowing downs that inhibit movement but still leave some space for response. To complicate that, there is the fact that some players refer to the soft movements of CC as “disadvantages”.

In fact, Blizzard has spoken from CC in Supervision and -relinance 2 numerous times in the past. In a question and answers session of October 2021, Geoff Goodman, the heroes main designer of the Overwatch series, said the changes in Brigitte’s stunning and Ana’s dream were made in an effort to «Relax control effects of crowds »in the games. It is worth noting that both are support heroes, not DPS.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Origin Story Trailer

Goodman said years ago that the team was “carefully looking at the amount of crowd control skills” in Supervision while he specifies stunning and setbacks that harm the movements in the air as two examples. Some of these changes, such as the elimination of brigitte’s stunning and Ice of Mei slow down but do not stile to show those objectives in action. In more drastic cases, the reworking such as Doomfist have moved to the CC full hero to the tank role instead of DPS in -relocation 2 Although that is the only example of role exchange that we know so far.

So, what can Blizzard posture players wait on DC in Digilance 2? It is evident from the comments that the objective is to reduce its presence in heroes that are not tanks at least, but according to some of the examples shared by the developers, it seems that DC hard is a more pressing concern in terms of reworking and others go changes. Sojourn’s ability could have easily had a gravitational effect (it seems that he did it in the teaser) or stunning, but a slowdown is not as bad in comparison.

He Digilance 2 The beta version will begin at the end of the month, so the players will be able to try sojourn for the first time and see how nice the DPS hero cc.

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