ICE TIGERS extend contract with defender Mebus

The to Patrick Reimer and Marcus Weber’s ownest player of the Nuremberg players is thus in his seventh season at the Ice Tigers.
Previously, the Nuremberg had extended the contracts with the storms Jake Ustorf and Max Kislinger.
“Oliver Mebus is a player who enjoys an extremely high reputation in the cabin due to his style. He always turns to 100 percent in the service of the team and is mainly important for us in ammenships,” explained sports director Stefan Ustorf.

Sportkabine mit Marcus Weber von den Nürnberg Ice Tigers und Thilo Macht von der Classic Rallye
Mebus was changing from the Krefeld Penguin to Nuremberg in 2016.
Since then he has denied 270 games for the ICE Tigers.
He achieved 13 goals and gave 53 templates.

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