Antwerp: The Betze has rated as to old days

In the press conference after the game Marco Antwerp looked back on a rousing derby. The 3: 1 success against the 1st FC Saarbrücken was a game that one had “divided into two halves”: in front of the red card for defender Kevin Kraus, who shortly before the halfway because of a failed kick against Robin shy away from the square was flown, and then.

“Up to the red card, we checked the game, had first opportunities and then earned also earned after the penalty leadership,” the FCK coach analyzed the performance of his team in the first half. After the red card, this control then disappeared temporarily, so the FCS could compete directly after halftime. “Of course, after the compensation, we had to shake ourselves first,” the 50-year-old gave, “but the boys have left their hearts in the square,” so the home owners only took the lead for eight minutes after 1: 1.

“Backdrop in the stadium was emotion pure”

After 2: 1 by Terrence Boyd, the FCK had then finally pulled the tooth to the guests and could determine the game as far as possible despite the subnarity. When Kenny Prince Redondo then met in the 65th minute to the decisive 3: 1, there was no stopping on Bayenberg anymore. “According to the gates, the backdrop was pure in the stadium emotion, as the BETZE has stopped as an old days,” Antwerp praised the nearly 47,000 spectators in the Fritz-Walter Stadium, who rewarded any action of the red devil with frenetic applause.

At the end, a deserved 3: 1 victory stood through which the FCC could recapture the second place in the table of Eintracht Braunschweig. “We are happy that we won the Derby and that we were able to keep the three points in Kaiserslautern” summed Antwerp, “but in the head we are already preparing for Wiesbaden on Friday”.

Old Antwerp 1860 - 1930

Boyd: “It’s just horny what a mentality is here”

Boyd, which once again proved its value for the table-second with two gate participations, praised the team and fans at the microphone of “Magenta”. “It’s just horny what a mentality is here here,” said the 31-year-old after the game. After the red card, the team had already taken on a long second half, but then “come the fans and then Bumm, Bumm”, the scorer described the events from his point of view. From climb, nobody wants to hear something in Kaiserslautern. “Keeping a muzzle, work,” Boyd warned, “That was a derby victory, that was cool, but we did not do it yet.”

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