Rummenigge in the interview: You can feel the unrest in the club

How did you, Mr Rummenigge, perceived?

When the goal has fallen in the 88th minute, the whole stadium is falling into a shock. Everyone thought, it goes into the extension and the team attacks again. But with the compensation, the air was out – and the club from the competition. That was like a shock.

What are the main reasons?

If you look at both games, Villarreal has not progressed so undenadient. Last week in the first leg Bayern Munich just caught a bad day, the 0: 1 was a good result. In the second leg, the Spaniards have defended passionately, with which one or the other time chargery does not necessarily collect sympathy points in the stadium, but it is just a hospital team. You may underestimate them from the paper, but Villarreal shows that good football is played in Spain. And it also reflects Europe’s balance of power.

Unai Emery I have been pursuing a long time, and everyone knows: K.-O.-games he can!

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Villarreal is only seventh in La Liga.

It is a well-assembled team with manageable salary costs and a top coach. Unai Emery I have been pursuing a long time, and everyone knows: K.-O. games he can! It can be seen that he has made life difficult with a clever tactic to the Bayern.

If you take the second leg exemplary, it was even a mirror of past weeks? Too uninspires forward, fast and simply prone to the back. Do you see that?

So until Christmas, the team has played extremely stably. In the second half, the statics have come a bit lost – that can also be seen at the goals. They are many likes than in the past. It also hangs together that partially a different tactic is preferred. Since Louis van Gaal was played in 4-2-3-1, today there are often the defensive triple chain to see. Whether the team feels comfortable, I can not say exactly from the certain distance I appropriated myself.

Currently there is a noticeable restlessness in the club, similar to a few years ago, before Hansi Flick came. Why is that?

Which says, of course: There are constantly contracting discussions in the media. Only Joshua Kimmich, then Leon Goretzka, Kingsley Coman and now Manuel new, Thomas Müller, Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry. We are now in the last quarter of the season, that’s not conducive, so restlessness in the club. And they feel.

Why is that?

Take another example: the whole whirl around Erling Haaland. This has assumed dimensions that are counterproductive for the entire football, and which do not help the boy. The fans can no longer understand the sums anyway. We had Corona with all financial damages, yet the demands of the consultants and players continue to rise. There is no rationality in the business in the business. On the contrary, it is always irrational.

How should you deal with the topic of contract extensions at FC Bayern?

It’s not easy, but you have to find a procedure so that the topic is more relaxed. You have to work in peace at some point. This generally affects football, and of course, FC Bayern as a most prominent club in Germany.

It’s not the fact that no quality is sitting on the bench.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

In the past, FC Bayern responded to disappointing experiences, sometimes also greatly invested as in 2007 with Franck Ribery, Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose or 2012 with Javi Martinez and Mario Mandzukic. Is that conceivable in summer?

I think that’s not necessary in this case. In 2007, we were more common and not qualified for the Champions League; In 2012 Dortmund won the double and we lost the Final Dahoam against FC Chelsea. These were different starting situations. Today, FC Bayern has over 18 players who are expected to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. If you take the game against Villarreal: It was used with Gnabry a national player, with Davies one of the best left-back of the world and with Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting one who has qualified with Cameroon for the World Cup. It is not that no quality sits on the bench.

If Bayern does not respond to Bayern on this departure, probably know-how is needed. Will you help FC Bayern now?

I’ve deliberately decided on my resignation last summer, even if the club will always be important to me. If you ask me, I will always support FC Bayern and if desired, there is also advice, but I do not want to come over as a know-worse. You have to trust in the new lead – and give it the necessary time. It will turn to the right screws. My biggest concern is another…

… in fact?

In the semifinals are two Englishmen and two Spaniards. This currently reflects the status in European football. The English are very strong. I saw the best game of the past five years on Sunday: 2: 2 between Manchester City and the FC Liverpool. Since the Bundesliga can not keep up right now. This will not be easier from the point of view from FC Bayern in the near future. I’m afraid that there will be a new dimension again on the transfer market.

This is then no grateful task for the responsible persons at FC Bayern.

Corona has caused damage, in which the big clubs in England and Paris St. Germain have multi-billionaires in the background. We still have the 50 + 1 rule in Germany. That makes it difficult.

So you would have to cancel 50 + 1?

We at FC Bayern were always of the opinion: every club should decide for yourself if he wants it or not.

One should not take the way from Barcelona as a model.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

is it conceivable that the FC Bayern takes loans instead of investors?

Bayern Munich was always known for it, and I like to quote Uli Hoeneß that he turned into the Sparkasse. There was the deposit department, left was the credit department. One should not take the way from Barcelona as a model. FC Bayern was aware that he finances the team reputable. Without loans.

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You have left FC Bayern in the summer of 2021. Hurts for such an evening as Tuesday then the more, if you see where the path has led without you this season?

I realized it very much because I really would like to experience the game Bayern against Liverpool. There is still an open invoice from the time under Niko Kovac. This game was very hard to me in the stomach at that time. So it did not always go well at our time, but we had to spend the one or the other problem out of the way. This is now the task of the new leadership.

Does it manage the new leadership?

I wish you definitely a happy hand. We also had heavy defeats, 1999 or 2012, who have brought us sleepless nights. But FC Bayern was always known to solve the problems to master challenges and to rise in the end like Phoenix from the ashes.

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