Demous to the World Cup Ticket: Handballer driving to the World Cup

Demous to the World Cup Ticket: Germany’s handball players have qualified for the world championship after a re-elaborate presentation. The team of national coach Alfred Gislason won the play-off second leg at the Faroe Islands with 33:27 (15:16) and secured participation in the World Cup final in January 2023 in Poland and Sweden.

Faroe Islands vs Germany | Full Match Highlights | World Championship 2023 Qualifications
“I am pleased that we are at the World Cup now,” Gislason said relieved. The game had him “pretty many nerves cost”, but especially with the second half he was satisfied: “We played better and then brought it to home.”

Best German scorer on Saturday evening before 1750 spectators in Torshavn were playmaker Luca Witzke and left outside Lukas Mertens with five hits. The DHB team had already decided the first leg on Wednesday 34:26.

Through the success in the K.O.-Duel against the Krassen Outsider, the selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) qualified for a world championship for a 13th time.

According to the pretty clear, but lackluster victory on Wednesday in Kiel, Gislason demanded another success from his stars before the trip to the archipelago in the North Atlantic – and a significant increase in performance. But the latter Captain Johannes Golla and Co. did not go for a long time, and so the game was actually the “hot dance” feared by Gislason.

Outside Faroe Islands goes even in the lead

Rear as the front, the EM-seven presented quite head and somehow in the first section. While in the attack a clear playful line was missing and the German team was completely made of the hard gait of the hosts completely out of the concept, the 19-year-old Mittelmann Elias Ellefsen A SkiPagotu made the DHB defense against significant problems.

Whether in the defensive 6: 0 cover or an offensive 3: 2: 1 variant: The Faroe Islands had little effort to reach their hits and went for the first time just before the pause (15:14). No wonder that he left in the first leg as strong Andreas Wolff at the break entertained his gate. For him Till Klimpke was allowed to ran in the second section.

DHB team with performance increase after the break

After the break, the German team then quickly took over the command. Because Gislason-seven went to work in the attack now with significantly more peace and of the opponent with increasing playing time several unconcentrities, Germany turned the game within a few minutes and did not break anything anymore.

Until the World Cup tournament in January 2023 in Poland and Sweden, the games showed clearly against the best-class Faroe Islands, there is still plenty to do for Gislason and his team. However, there is a lot of time: the next DHB measure is in the fall, a mandatory game will not exist until the new year.

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At the last World Cup 2021 in Egypt, Germany landed ranked twelve – it was the worst placement at the previous 25 tournament participations. World Champion in indoor handball was a DHB men’s team so far three times: 1938, 1978 and 2007.

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