Real-time reversee “Reversilly” Steam started delivery. No waiting time, put a stone more and more on the board and turn it over

Developer’s overtime cattle (OVERTIMEUSI) delivered real-time reversi “Reversilly” on April 15. The compatible platform is PC (STeam), and the price is 310 yen. It can be purchased at a 15% off 263 yen until April 22nd.

“Reversilly” is a real-time hatche action game based on the rivals of the standard board game. Game mode provides a random match that can play against players around the world, and a room match that can be played against a specific player friend with a fixed word. The basic rules of the reversee, which turns the stone on the board, and the basic rules of the reversee that turns the stone on the color of its own is characterized by gameplays that develop in real time.

How to Sew Reversible Quilt as You Go blocks by Debbie Shore

In this work, the player operates the small character taken by the UFO to carry the stone and put it on the board. It is not necessary to wait for the operation, and I picked up a stone that appears in the four corners, looking for a place where it can be placed so as to sandwich the stone of the other party. And when the board is all filled or the time limit is zero, the player on the side where there are many stones is a victory. In addition, if the bombs that were set in UFO exploded, they will lose. Bomb timers are reset by picking up a new stone.

Items may fall on the board. There are three types of items that blow off UFO and lightning which stands for a fixed time for a fixed time, and three types of speed-up speed up. Winning will be approached by taking advantage of the other party or carrying out the development on the board well.

This work conducts a play test at STeam in March this year. At that time, the controller operation was newly implemented with requests received from the player. Also, for AI, it is renewed to think of various things, such as which stones in the four corners are taken and turned over. It is stronger than the previous AI.

“Reversilly” is being delivered for PC (STeam).

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