Polar bears are in the semi-final, Grizzlys have to ran again

With the rapid semi-final, the Eisbären Berlin underlined its title ambitions in the German ice hockey league. Thanks to the sovereign 4: 0 (1: 0, 1: 0, 2: 0), the previous year’s master was secured on Thursday evening in the playoff quarter-finals against the Kölner Haie the necessary third victory. The only team is the main winner for three quarter-final game days as a semi-finalist.

The Eagle Mannheim missed with the 1: 4 (0: 0, 1: 3, 0: 1) at the Straubing Tigers as well as the possible premature progress as the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. The Wolfsburg is missing after the 1: 3 (1: 1, 0: 1, 0: 1) against the fishtown penguins from Bremerhaven also a success. The EHC Red Bull Munich defeated the Düsseldorf EC 3: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0) and is also 2: 1 in the best-of-Five series. If you win three times, continue.

The Berliner claimed the Berliner. National Storm Manuel Reorer (3rd Minute), double door scorer Zachary Boychuk (28./45.) And Giovanni Fiore (55th) completed the season of the Cologne. Key player was Berlin’s Niederberger’s national goalkeeper, Haie Trainer Uwe Krupp said in magenta sports and demanded reinforcements for the upcoming season: “We have great expectations in Cologne, there is a lot going on, in the end, we have to have the team together.”

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Berlin has time until Wednesday

The Berliners now have time to prepare for the first semi-finals by the coming Wednesday. The competition must return to Saturday. Straubing compensated with a furious start to the second third the extension of the quarter-final against Mannheim: in 121 seconds, Taylor Leier, Kael Mouillierat and Jason Akeson achieved three goals. “It’s all possible. Goers shoot, win, go home,” Mannheim’s former NHL defender Korbinian Holzer from magenta sports as a motto for the final third. Borna Rendulic (27.) had also shortened in the second section, no longer succeeded.

The National Storm Patrick Hager (18th) and Yasin Ehliz (24th) and Trevor Parks (56th) led Munich to the success of the Düsseldorf EC. The co-favorite rehabilitated itself for the disappointing appearance in Dusseldorf on Tuesday, which had the standard compensation. For the DEG the early leadership of Bernhard Ebner was too little this time.

That Wolfsburg missed the decision against Bremerhaven came after the clear successes (5: 0 and 6: 2) a little surprising. The fishtown pinguins may hope for a surprise thanks to Niklas Andersen (4.), Alexander Friesen (22nd) and Jan Urbas (46.). “We wanted to pick a victory. Of course we are satisfied,” said Bremerhaven’s coach Thomas Popiesch.

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