NBA | Lakers vor dem Playoff

LeBron James in short jeans and gray hoodies is pretty worthless for the Los Angeles Lakers. At the penultimate home game of the record champion in the NBA main round, the 37-year-old superstar sat in civil in the playing edge. The ankle.

But even if James could have played against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday – at the end of this rendering, pitch and breakdown season of the glitter club from the entertainment metropolis in California, quite certainly nothing has changed: if it in the Playoffs goes to the point, the record champion is not there. And the most important basketball player of the league is not.

James has recently been the second best thrower in the league history and also currently the top scorer of the season. Four games before the end of the regular season, the Lakers still have to win three times more than the San Antonio Spurs to climb ten ten and to participate in play-in.

Season of Lakers probably went

Because the Spurs won on Sunday against the Portland Trail Blazers, the situation is even worse than on Friday, when only two victories had to be caught up. And then James said after defeat against the New Orleans Pelicans: “The overall picture is that this was pretty much a mandatory victory for us – and we did not get the job done.”

In principle, it is clear to all that this season has run. The Lakers and the Boston Celtics with 17 titles share the name recordmasters in the NBA. But instead of the team, the show and Angeles Lakerss once collected and defined more than all other leagues of the league over success and victories, the Celtics may soon be the most successful team of league history – the team around national player Daniel Theis is in the Eastern Conference ranked two and won 13 past 16 games. The yield of the Lakers in the same period? Four victories. Twelve defeats.

Playoffs on NBA Lane - Official Trailer
The Lakers were so confident before the season – the squad finally sounded like that of an all-star game. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were already there, Carmelo Anthony came and, as a supposedly most important newcomer, Russell Westbrook. What Man Dennis Schröder did not trust the Lakers jersey after his only season, Westbrook should now be – the engine of a well-running offensive machine. “We look really good on the paper,” Davis said after the bankruptcy against the nuggets. “But we had no chance to show that.”

A team without identity

78 games have the Lakers behind them. 39 times there was a new startup. James, Davis and Westbrook together? The fans looked only 21 times. Davis was injured, sometimes James, sometimes both, Davis has been back for two, James but not. “What could we have been, if we all had been healthy?” Davis asked in the round of the journalists on Sunday.

The many injuries are certainly the main reason for the crass descent from the title candidate to the middle class team. As the sole explanation, however, they are not eating – too many mistakes of healthy players were made, too many victories made easy to get out of hand. And Westbrook is far from the service provider you wanted to see in it.

Four games hope is still available. On Tuesday at the Phoenix Suns, the best team of the league. Then at the Golden State Warriors who still have to do without Stephen Curry, but their mini crisis with two wins in series have nevertheless overcome. Then the Oklahoma City Thunder comes to the last home game of the main round. Finally, on April 10, the nuggets again.

If James accumulate in at least two games and thus reach 70 percent of the season, he at least has the chance for a personal title: the top scorer of the league. It would be the second time in his career – but in the face of the overall situation only a very, very weak consolation.

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