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Compared to the 0: 1 in the first leg, Liverpools Coach Rafael Benitez had to change its initial formation to four positions. Riise and Hyypiä missed in the defense series. The two were replaced by Warnock and Traore. In the midfield Gerrard was able to contribute again from the beginning and replaced Sissoko, in the top Crouch received advantage of Fowler. Benfica coach Ronald Koeman changed his starting element compared to the successor success only on a position. Geovanni played for Petit and formed the three-man storm with Nuno Gomes and Simao.

The secondary final at a glance

The game at the sold-out Anfield Road began as expected with storming English. The FC Liverpool absolutely wanted to achieve an early goal and pushed the reigning Portuguese master deep in his own half. So it did not take long until the Reds got their first bullet. Nuno Gomes had lost the leather in their own half, but the crouch was directed by Anderson in the last second to the post (11th).

Geovanni meets the pole, crouch the latte

Also in the following years, the Benitez eleven remained on the pusher, Benfica rarely came across the center line and revealed some uncertainties in the defensive. After Luis Garcia had awarded twice in a promising position (18th, 20.), the agile crouch had the bis best scorchance of the English. After passing Gerrard, the Hüne dived completely alone in front of the opposing gate, but Benfica-Keeper Moretto was just clarified by footprint (25th).

The unused possibilities revealed the Portuguese apparently, which now sought the offensive and almost the leadership would have achieved. But Geovanni hit with a lifter from the criminal area edge only the crossbar, the subsequent header of Simao Fing Reina safely (30.). Only a short time later, however, it worked with the surprising leadership for the guests. Nuno Gomes served 18 meters in front of the goal of SIMAO, who laid the leather and hit the angle on the right (36th).

The Reds were visibly shocked by the residue and found no probate means to crack the defensive of the guests until the short-term in front of the reverse change. Beto, who had the ball after a cross from Xabi Alonso Volley just about his own housing, had almost taken care of for the compensation, before crouch after the piercing corner per head again hit the right post (44.).

Liverpool remains too safe – Miccoli makes everything clear

After the break, the BENITEZ protégés first dominated the game and tilted to the first half. So it remained a handsome game to the penalty area, but the final pass to the top still did not arrive. Only in the 57th minute the Benfica keeper was seriously tested when Xabi Alonso had took a good 20 meters from a good 20 meters and Moretto had to save with a fume defense. Even the injections of the fresh striker Cissé and Fowler did not bring the hoped-for danger in front of the gate, much too often tried the Liverpooler by the middle instead of attacking the wing players. Mostly they searched with a high ball into the center of Crouch, but after his headdress, the hosts moved far too slowly to bring themselves into shot position.

Except for a direct free kick and a flat shot of Gerrard (82nd), which only missed the target, the goal of Portuguese was not under fire at all, so that the proteins of Ronald Koeman could even use a counter to 2-0. Beto flanked from the right side to the substitute Miccoli, who took the ball and met with a worth seeing sideways.

Jürgen Klopp insists Liverpool could have scored ???????????????? ???????????????? in their 3-1 win over Benfica
The Strait outsider Benfica thus switches off defending champion Liverpool in the second round. Although the English were dominant for over 90 minutes, but the opportunities for the goal success were only the guests who are thus completely surprisingly in the quarter-finals.

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