How to get a compass in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can collect a lot of items and equipment. You will constantly find new equipment items, quest items, collectibles and special equipment. This last category includes a compass. It can make you think how to get a compass in Lost Ark.

To get a compass in Lost Ark, you must go to offer, lonely island . Here you can exchange 15 Island souls for an unusual wooden compass. This can be used to create a larger number of compasses. Here All compasses you can make in the lost ark.

Unlock the ~COMPASS GEAR SLOT~ for More *SAILING & RUN SPEED!* in Lost Ark.. (Lost Ark Compass Info)

  • Special silver compass : Unusual wooden compass + glowing aquamarine
  • special Golden compass : Special silver compass + oceanic aquamarine
  • Special Compass of Nebula : Special Gold Compass + Tidal Aquamarine

Where to get a compass in Lost Ark

To get a compass in Lost Ark, you must go on an offer, a lonely island. Speak with grandfather Ofer on the island, and you can exchange island souls on a compass. Ofer, a single island can be found from the north-west coast of Shchuchi.

When you equip a compass, your swimming speed and movement in the islands increases. This is an excellent item, as you spend a lot of time, swimming and exploring the numerous islands of Lost Ark. So, take a compass in the hands to speed it up!

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