Freiburg accepts judgment

After almost a week, FC Bayern has finally won the Bundesliga away game at the SC Freiburg. The judgment of the DFB sports court to reject the objection of the hosts against the game status, the SC officers will not challenge.

“After examining the grounds of judgment, the SC Freiburg will not invoke any further appeal against the verdict,” said the Breisgauer on Friday. The main debt for the change error of Bayern saw the sports court at the referee team and not at Bayern, which is why the Freiburg argument did not share.

“The Sports Court has set out its judgment in particular to the supposedly existing commitment of the twelfth player and the far-reaching fault of the referee team in the framework of the deflection process. These are legal interpretation and valuation issues,” it says in the statement of the Freiburg.

SC Freiburg - FC Bayern München 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22

You have gone to the objection “to create the opportunity to check the control violation during the changeover process (…), and thus to comply with the” due diligence and loyalty obligations towards the association “.

Although they accept the judgment, the SC managers continue to see depreciation requirement: “Furthermore, the question of whether the existing procedural scheme will continue to be properly in this form”.

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